I Am The Pioneering Scientist Behind Non Thermal FAR Infrared

... And I Have Been Since 2010

I am medical scientist Clint Winters.

Odds are, you know me from my other popular innovations such as the natural pain reliever conolidine. Or my natural extractions of testosterone and HGH. Plus, my dual polar extraction method is used to make millions of bottles of supplements per year, some of which are probably in your house right now. However, this page has nothing do with those innovations.

Before I Worked On Supplement Innovations My Sole Focus Was Non Thermal FAR Infrared For Pain Relief & Healing.

From 2010 to 2015, that is all I studied and developed.

I built upon Harvard and NASA research to create the most powerful Non Thermal Far Infrared in the world.

They blend grew to

It all began with formulating the right blend of FAR Infrared generating rare earth minerals.

My goal was to make the benefits of FAR Infrared wearable so they could be felt 24/7.

They blend grew to They blend grew to 13 minerals in a very proprietary blend. 

Developed For Men Over 50

 Breakthrough Technology Enhances Men Of Any Age, In Seconds...

Just to be straight with you, this is not another "pill".
I know I have read enough of those pages for a lifetime.x
No, what you are about to read is very advanced technology.
now covered under a worldwide patent.
Now, the technology is advanced, but what it does is very simple.
It instantly and effectively increases circulation to your penis on contact.
No, you won't have to take a pill and wait around.
... Or let a supplement get into your system for 30 days.
No, this works instantly.
Sounds too good to be true, right?
Well, that is because this is very unknown technology.
You are hearing about it before the masses.
... And everything I am telling you can be proven with lab tests.
Don't worry, I will show you everything.
In fact, let's jump right in.

As Soon As It Touches Your Skin, Your Penis Fills With Blood And Keeps Filling Until You Have The Hardest, Most Sensitive Erection You Have Had In Years.

For The Past 15 Months Red Ring™ Has Been Exclusively Used In The Biggest Sexual Health Clinics In The World

Here is a secret I am revealing to the world. Red Ring™ has been in use, but it has not been public. As I explained above, FAR Infrared has become all of the rage inside of private sex clinics. Well, Red Ring™ has taken the spotlight as the first wearable solution.

In Order To Gain More Clinical Data I Had Red Ring™ Exclusively Manufactured For The Country’s Top Sexual Health Clinics.

Patients would use “office only” therapy’s and then carry a Red Ring™ home to use at night.

The results have been EXPLOSIVE

Many Practices Have Stopped Prescribing ED Meds All Together, Opting To Provide Red Ring™ For Game Time “Sexual Enhancement”.